Directors’ Statement


After spending time filming our last work “Post-Fordlandia” in the Amazon Jungle  in 2011, we began to examine our local area with new eyes and embarked on a project that focused on the Aughty region,  a vast and unique geographical area that spans East Galway and East Clare.  The project began with a simple premise, to capture the relationship between people and place in this starkly beautiful, rural mountain region.  Inspired by internationally acclaimed cinematic documentaries  like “Sleep Furiously” by Giddeon Koppel,  “Etre et Avoir” by Nicolas Philibert  and “Faro Document” by Ingmar Bergman we aimed to create a film that had a strong observational approach and that also allowed the images captured to create to the narrative of this unique place and time in Irish society.

Filmed over a period of 18 months and completed in Autumn 2012, “ Aughty” is a documentary portrait of a unique place and people untouched by the boom and bust motions of the Irish ‘Celtic Tiger’, capturing a moment in time through the ordinary lives and traditions of Irish people in community, culture and resistance. In a landscape and population that is changing rapidly, where local schools are closing, turf cutting has been outlawed and environmental issues are pressing, the film observes and explores the daily lives and issues facing these small rural communities in the face of an ever-changing landscape.

Set against the stark and beautiful landscape of the Sliabh Aughty mountains in the west of Ireland, Aughty leads us on an intimate and poetic journey into rural Ireland capturing the complex relationship between the place, the landscape and the people at a pinnacle moment in rural society.

The film also features original music from alternative Galway band Phantom Dog beneath the Moon, (Aaron Hurley & Scott McLaughlin), original piano scores by young Galway musician Caoimhe Morley, alongside multiple traditional music scores by local musicians.

Biography and filmography of the director. 

Megs Morley and Tom Flanagan are artists and filmmakers based in Galway who collaborate on films that are multifaceted, experimental and visually stunning.  Deliberately exploring non-traditional narrative structures, vivid imagery, characters and moments unfold into each other through a mesmerizing focus on cinematography, form and sound.  Morley and Flanagan employ a rigorous and sensitive approach to their subject matters, through long-term research, engagement and criticality.

Their work has been critically acclaimed nationally and internationally in the contemporary art world and film contexts because of its ability to explore the relationship between image, identity, history and memory, and the space between documentary and fiction film.

Morley and Flanagan both studied Fine Art and both completed a Masters in Visual

Arts Practices IADT, in 2008. Their work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally in both gallery and film festival contexts. Recent solo and group exhibitions include: The Good Children Gallery, New Orleans, Sept 2012 (Solo), Rencontres Internationales,( Festival of New Cinema and Contemporary Art,)  Paris: Centre Pompidou November 2011 & Berlin July 2012., “A Series of Navigations” (Group Show) The Model, Sligo, April, 2012,  “Post-Fordlandia”, Galway Arts Centre, June 2011 (Solo), Alchemy film festival, Nov 2012,  Upcoming; CCA Derry 2013, Mermaid Arts, Wicklow: (Solo Exhibition), 2013.

Credits list:

Shot, directed, and edited by Tom Flanagan and Megs Morley.