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Set against the stark and beautiful landscape of the Sliabh Aughty mountains in the west of Ireland , ‘Aughty’ is a documentary portrait of a unique place and people untouched by the boom and bust motions of the Irish ‘Celtic Tiger’, capturing a moment in time through the ordinary lives and traditions of Irish people in community, culture and resistance. In a landscape and population that is changing rapidly, ‘Aughty’  leads us on a poetic journey into rural Ireland through the relationships of people and place.

The film features original music from Galway band Phantom Dog beneath the Moon and Caoimhe Morley, alongside traditional music scores by local musicians.

Other dates for screenings will be announced soon.

Aughty Trailer

“Aughty” is a part of Aughty Public Art Projects, Curated by Dr Aine Phillips, Commissioned by Galway County Council Arts Office, supported by The Arts Council, Clare County Council Arts Office and the Ground Up Artists Collective.

Megs Morley and Tom Flanagan are artists and filmmakers based in Galway who collaborate on films that are multifaceted, experimental and visually stunning.  Deliberately exploring non-traditional narrative structures, vivid imagery, characters and moments unfold into each other through a mesmerizing focus on cinematography, form and sound.  Morley and Flanagan employ a rigorous and sensitive approach to their subject matters, through long-term research, engagement and criticality.

Their work has been exhibited widely nationally and internationally in the contemporary art world and film contexts because of its ability to explore the relationship between image, identity, history and memory, and the space between documentary and fiction film.